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As you may know, on March 7, 2020, we launched our Brilliantly Resilient program live and in person at an amazing event that received rave reviews by our attendees! (Check out some testimonials on our Testimonials page!)

And then, the world imploded. When the COVID 19 virus reared its ugly head, we decided that more than ever, the world needed messages of Brilliance and Resilience to not only survive, but thrive.

So, we “pivoted” (one of MFB’s favorite words!). And we may have gone a little crazy, but oh, what a ride! We launched an online show–Brilliantly Resilient LIVE–where we’ve been beyond blessed to interview AMAZING folks who have shared their own journeys of Resilience and Brilliance–telling us of their RESET, RISE and REVEAL of their Brilliance to the world. Then, we thought, Hmmmm…how can we share these skills with even MORE folks looking for ways to RESET, RISE and REVEAL their Brilliance? We know! Let’s launch a podcast!

And that’s exactly what we did! Here are a few of our favorite episodes from our YouTube show–head over to our YouTube channel for the every show we’ve done so far and find your own favorite!!!

If podcasts are more your thing, well, we’ve got that covered, too! Check out the Brilliantly Resilient LIVE podcast on Apple Podcasts!

Be sure to subscribe to both the YouTube channel and the Podcast to get new episodes as they post! Brilliantly Resilient world domination–let’s get Brilliantly Resilient together!!!