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Creating Brilliantly Resilient Mindsets for Employees


A Message of Empowerment ~ By: Samantha Bambino for the Lower Bucks Times

Southampton’s Mary Fran Bontempo and Ivyland’s Kristin Smedley admit they have “wildly different” personalities. Still, one thing united these unlikely besties – experiencing crises and coming out stronger than ever.

Both women had their respective worlds come crashing down. Bontempo learned her son was a heroin addict on Mother’s Day 2010, while two of Smedley’s three children were born with a rare blindness. Neither was prepared for these unprecedented hurdles, but both found ways to empower themselves and their families.

“We’re aware that our stories are pretty extreme. Not many people are waking up to find out they have a heroin addict, although I’d say a lot of people are now getting that phone call. And not many people are going through blindness, but we relate it,” Smedley said. “We share where we’ve been and what we did with it.”

According to Bontempo, whose son is currently doing well after a pain medication overdose, everyone has a decision to make when life throws a curve ball. Read more…