Brilliantly Resilient–The Book!

It’s here!!! Brilliantly Resilient, the book, has arrived, to rave reviews! A Hot New Release on Amazon and a top 100 Best Seller (next to Deepak Chopra!) this book is the perfect gift to give yourself and those you love! Order yours today!!!


Get ready to laugh out loud as these two women share their journeys, tools, and stumbled-upon secrets, saving you a seat on their Brilliantly Resilient ride of a lifetime. Kristin and Mary Fran will guide you through life’s “sucker punches” so you too will be brilliant, not broken.

What’s your train wreck? Everyone has one–past, present, or future. Why do some people come through stronger while others never recover? Have you ever thought…

    • This will never get better.
    • I’ll never get through this.
    • I’m not strong enough to handle this.
    • Everyone else is smarter, tougher, more resilient, better than me.
    • I don’t know where to start.
    • My life isn’t close to what I want.
    • I’ll never move up at work.
    • I’m stuck and I don’t see a way out.
      • If you’ve ever run at least one of those miserable mantras through your head Kristin Smedley and Mary Fran Bontempo feel your pain. Life has a way of smacking everyone, and sometimes it just sucks. But you don’t have to live there. Kristin and Mary Fran can show you the way up and out, with strategies, tools and tips to help you uncover your Resilience and discover your Brilliance.
    •  Order yours today!!!