Brilliantly Resilient in Divorce Masterclass

Can you be Brilliantly Resilient in Divorce? The short answer is YES.


Everyone wants to believe in the fairy tale happily-ever-after ending. But sometimes, happily-ever-after is just that—a fairy tale. Marriages can end, and few life events prove more challenging than divorce, even if the divorce is “amicable.”

But there are ways to navigate divorce to transform the ending into a new beginning. It’s not easy, but it is possible. By uncovering inherent Resilience and eventually discovering personal Brilliance, divorce, while never easy or pleasant, can lead to positive transformation and new life as you Reset, Rise and Reveal your Brilliance.

Watch the How to be Brilliantly Resilient in Divorce program and answer the questions in the program’s “work-ish book” (Do you really need to work hard after a divorce? Please.) honestly and thoughtfully. As our guests and experts, Susan Eckstein, Shiobhan Olivera and our own Kristin Smedley share their experiences, thoughts and practical strategies, you’ll not only see light at the end of the tunnel, you’ll come away equipped with tools to help you through. And if you still need help, be sure to check out Susan and Shiobhan’s contact info for additional resources to help you come out of divorce Brilliant, not broken.

This Masterclass will:

  • Show you that you aren’t alone.
  • Provide specific tools and strategies to begin a new journey.
  • Give you confidence to make challenging decisions and changes.
  • Give you hope for your future in divorce.
  • Connect you with experts who can offer additional resources.

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